Mighty Neighbours

Bald Eagle Perching in A Fir Tree

In the middle of last winter we spotted a bald eagle in the trees far away. Every day the big bird seemed to move closer, until one day it perched in the high fir trees near our house, close enough to grab my camera and take some pictures right from our sundeck. It moved his head around curiously and it came back for several days to almost the same spot. One morning it was sitting in the snow right in the middle of our backyard and we finally got a better idea about how big eagles really are (their bodies can be 1 meter long, and their wingspan can be about 2.4 meters across).

Since we didn’t know the eagle was there, our dog was out and just then approached around the corner. Both eyed each other suspiciously and without moving. The bird took off and since then it seemed to have moved deeper into the woods. Occasionally, we spot it flying low over our house. Close to the same time, a pair of ravens moved into our neighbourhood wood and I am wondering if they are attracted by the proximity of the eagle.

Fun Facts
Bald eagles eat mostly fish, catching them with their powerful talons right out of the water. They soar to heights over 3,048 meter and they drop down at speeds up to 161 km/h. They can see fish up to 1.6 km away. Female Eagles are bigger than males. Located high up in trees, Eagle nests are called aeries (AIR-ees) and eagle chicks are called eaglets. >>Read more at Bald Eagle, National Geographic

Curious Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle High-Up in A Fir Tree On A Cold Winter Day