Book Covers for Ebooks, Print, And Audio

Check out these designs and more in my new book cover gallery!

About My Book Cover Designs

My book cover designs for ebooks, print, and audio, are all based on my art and photography. Most of my designs would work well for novels, fantasy, mystery, business, and children’s books.

How To Buy

I sell my book cover designs on SelfPubBookCovers where you can customize and order your cover online. SelfPubBookCovrs handles customization, payment, download, and quality assurance and I earn a commission for my designs. You can also browse my book cover gallery to view all of my recently available designs.

Every design is only sold once. If you click on the link under the image, it will direct you to the page of this cover on SelfPubBookCovers in a new browser tab where you can customize your title and author name and buy it right away.

If you find another one of my art pieces or photographs and would like it as a book cover, please contact me.

Enjoy and happy writing!