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Photo of WBär with Puppy

I paint in watercolour and acrylic with a little bit of collage and graphic design mixed in. My photography is sometimes inspiration for my paintings, sometimes for fun, and sometimes it stands on its own. Right now I find myself exploring the interdependence of painting and photography and how to move deeper into storytelling with words and images.

I feel deeply connected to the amazingly vibrant West Coast of Canada with its sense-dazzling landscapes, wildlife, and flowers. And I love the stories that surround it all. I lived around horses for a long time and around chickens that laid coloured eggs for a little while. My family and I now enjoy the company of our dog, two cats, and all the wildlife that visits our yard.

And I do whistle with owls. Every year, barred owls are raising their chicks in our little neighbourhood wood. Barred owls have the most amazing vocals besides their well-known call of “Who Cooks For You”. They bark and scream and talk and their little ones whistle. Some nights I might answer and they will move close and closer through the trees. One night a little one even attempted to fly out from the woods and land right on our sundeck.



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